This ‘Freedom 2 Twerk’ MLK party flyer is the reason they still call us the n-word.

Or at least part of the reason.

What in the simple-minded hell...
What in the simple-minded hell…

You simple m-fers who put together this now (thankfully) defunct party apparently have forgotten the face of your fathers, so allow me to refresh your memory on the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King in a manner that your simple minds can understand:

Dr. Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist, a freedom fighter, a husband, a father, a concerned community leader who saw injustice levied against the poor, against black people, and sacrificed his very life so that this country would stop looking at poor and black people as subhuman and thus less worthy of basic human and civil rights. He fought against the scourge of racial injustice, racial segregation in the workplace, in schools, and in housing, and fought for workers rights that affected not only black people but other poor workers of any race. Let me repeat that: he SACRIFICED HIS LIFE so that your simple ass could have the education and access to graphic design tools and printing presses to make that flyer that’s so chock full of sincere ignorance:

This is what that sacrifice looked like. Don't look away. LOOK DIRECTLY INTO IT.
This is what that sacrifice looked like. Don’t look away. LOOK DIRECTLY INTO IT.

I couldn’t believe that black people would willingly plan a party like this, a party that’s supposedly in Dr. King’s honor, but, as the title suggests, celebrates a component of our culture that is the very antithesis of what Dr. King stood for. And it’s a party that was aimed at teenagers, no less! Because I couldn’t believe this, I tracked down more info, and came across this Fox 2 News Detroit website article where they showed Dr. Bernice King, Dr. King’s daughter, a copy of the flyer. She was disappointed, to say the least. While I couldn’t determine the race of the party planners from that article (the Facebook page of the party planners has been deleted), the news team spoke with someone supposedly connected to the group, who said that the group only meant to positively celebrate the legacy of Dr. King, that they actively fight against the ills of street life, and that it was a “gospel rap” party.

Scroll up, look at that flyer again, and tell me if it screams “gospel rap” to you? What gospel are they preaching? The gospel of the Church of Latter Day STDs? Young people! If no one in your life is telling you, let me tell you now: Dr. King didn’t fight for your freedom to

Not Dr. King's intention.
Not Dr. King’s intention.
, but for your freedom to
Dr. King's intention, among many
Dr. King’s intention, among many
. If you still think that it was OK to have such a party in his honor, after what I’ve said and shown you, then I only have one last thing to show you:

Because your behavior, your sincere ignorance, and your defense of your sincere ignorance and and awful behavior are the reasons why they still call us the n-word.

[Ken Doll]