Ties are lame: Oscar Mayer knows dad wants bacon for Father’s Day

Bacon and handy gadgets as gifts. Why on Earth has no one else thought of this before? Food giant Oscar Mayer are now offering real bacon gift packages to give to the man in your life – conveniently in time for Father’s Day:

“Bacon. Is there any meat more noble? There isn’t”. Word.

If you mosey on over to SayItWithBacon.com, you will be presented with three different gift choices:

  • The Commander, $22, which comes with bacon and a stainless steel money clip
  • The Matador, $28, with bacon and handsome cufflinks
  • The Woodsman, $25, with bacon and a useful multitool
  • All packages of bacon contain 18-20 slices. It’s important to note that these items are temporarily sold out, but the items are restocked daily, according to their listings. For those of you who don’t have the dough (or keep missing out on the daily restocks), there’s a ‘The Messenger’ option, which sends an e-card featuring a jewelry-like gift-boxed slice of bacon with a tender note that’ll let your man know you still care enough to send a thought of bacon.

    You know your dad is sick of neckties for Father’s Day, so try to grab him one of these awesome gifts. It may be the first (and only) time you’ll see your dad shed a tear.