Tongue, meet cheek: Dr. Tobias Fünke is making it easier for directors everywhere with his new website

Dr. Tobias Fünke’s career as the world’s first analrapist (analyst AND therapist) may be dubious, but we know that he’s passionate about acting. So passionate, in fact, that he’s developed a revolutionary acting system: he acts out scenes in front of a green screen, enabling directors large and small to “cut out” his performances and “insert” them into their current movie projects. Take a look:

If you go to Dr. Fünke’s website,, you will see that he’s already got a few scenes listed. I highly suggest checking out the “Motorcycle Ruffian” character vids. For them to be so short, they take a helluva long time to load, but it’s worth being patient. Especially “Alley Craps”.

Oh man, I can’t wait for May 26th.