Undead Labs giving away preview codes in new survival-themed contest

The folks over at Undead Labs REALLY want to immerse you in gameplay. Today they’ve posted to their blog a contest in which they will give an approximate handful of entries free State of Decay preview codes. So, what would one have to do to enter? Oh nothin’, just prove that you could feed yourself a month after the zombie apocalypse has destroyed civilization:

– No unsustainable cooking technology. Yes, I know many of us have generators, but a month into the zombie apocalypse, you’re not going to be flipping on that noisy zed attracting thing just to whip up some soup, even if you managed to hoard enough gas. And yes, I am aware that propane grills are quiet, but again, how long is that tank of yours going to hold out? No! Think wood fire. Think homemade solar oven. Some of our players have even suggested pickling and smoking. Be creative!
– Nothing frozen or refrigerated. Unless you have a real old fashioned ice house, in which case, pics or it didn’t happen.
– Minimal store-bought supplies. The stores have been looted and the delivery trucks are never coming back. You need to make do with what you have.
– Foraging/scavenging preferred. Bonus points if you caught the fish/snared the rabbit/harvested the eggs/correctly identified edible greens!

If you’ve got the stuff to survive when society collapses, send an email to their blogger Sanya (though no email address is given in the post…go to the blog and figure it out?) Entries must be received by 11:59p on May 13, 2013. Good luck!