Why on earth was this not the ‘Dead Rising 3’ trailer featured at E3 2013?

A major pet peeve of mine is the current trend of video game/movie companies pushing out several trailers for the same property. I don’t like too many things spoiled for productions I’m looking forward to in either of these realms, and I think that after the 3rd or 4th trailer (not including red band reissues), you’ve shown just about the entire product. With that said, I usually get by with whichever trailer is the first released, and keep my eyes shut until the release of whatever property the trailer is for.

I don’t know what made me decide to open the Dead Rising 3 trailer link IGN pushed out to their Facebook feed, but I did. I was not ready:

Too bad for me that this is an XBox One exclusive, ’cause that’s not the next-gen console of choice in the Nirdy household. *Le Sigh*

I really wanna drive that steam roller.

via IGN.com